Double Header Weekend

The El Centro National Hare and hound was round 2 of the series. We haven’t been at this venue for quite some time in the Hare and Hound series. The area is quite a bit different than anything I am used too. The first loop is always super high speed Baja style. I was looking forward to getting the race started and having a smooth day. When the banner dropped my Purvines Yamaha 450 fired up and took off. I couldn’t keep the front end down and had to let off a little bit and was chasing Ryan smith down the line I wanted. He checked up a little bit to take a different line then mine and I kept it pinned and got to the end of the bomb leading. The course from there was really wide with roads all over and as fast as we could go. Kendall Norman came up on my right side a few miles in and we went back and forth a few times for quite a while. As soon as the whoops and G-outs started approaching I backed off and settled in to 2nd. I could see Kendall checking out on me but I was going as fast as I felt comfortable with my main goal of getting to the finish Line. I came into alternate pit 2nd overall and got a splash of gas from Axel and Kyle and was off. It was more of the same fast sand washes and fast trails all the way back to the pits. I got passed again by Dalton this time which put me in 3rd. I was riding a bit too conservative but I was ok with that at this race location. I came into the main pit and had my beautiful wife Maddy waiting there for me with some fresh Viral goggles and got some more fuel from my mechanic Collin. I set out to try and charge on the 2nd loop but was quickly passed by Justin Morgan in his local terrain. I tried to latch onto him but had a crash and lost ground. I started to ride really well and reeled the two guys in front of me back in and was feeling good when I lost the ribbon coming down a rocky virgin hill. I circled and circled looking for the ribbon and didn’t want to go the wrong way. I finally found the course and set out to try and catch them again but I was too far back at that time. I ended the day in 4th overall and I know I will be back up on the podium sooner rather than later. After the race my wife and I quickly loaded up and headed to the Ridgecrest desert for the 4 aces district 37 race on Sunday. We got there about 9pm got the trailer leveled and went to sleep. When we woke up Sunday morning it felt like Dejavu. I went to sign up and got my bike ready for the race. This was a desert Scrambles with 2 35 mile loops. When the banner dropped I got another great start and was out front! From there I wanted some revenge from the day before and set out to put in a fast pace early on. I kept it up and opened up a pretty good gap. I was really having fun with the course and felt like I was riding really well. I came into the pits with a good size lead and got some gas and goggles from my wife and Dad. From there I put in a good pace for loop 2 and brought home the win! It was a good weekend of racing over 170miles total!! Thank you to my wife for doing these crazy double header weekends with me and having everything ready that enables me to be at my best both days!!!

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