Round 1 NHHA

The first round of the 2018 National Hare & Hound series is always put on by the DMC district 37 club. This year the location was changed and it would be held in my backyard of Red Mountain, CA. For me I look forward to any race out here because it is so close to home. Saturday we headed out and got our pits set up and rode the race bikes for a little while just making sure everything was good to go. There was no bomb practice on Saturday so that makes it a lot less eventful before the race. It also makes Sunday morning a little more stressful because you have to find a line and get ready for the race at the same time.

When the banner went up Sunday morning I knew I had a good shot at winning the race and that is what I intended to do. I was really ready to get the race going. I had found a great line down the bomb and I knew my bike was ready and capable. Thanks to my wife I was also ready! When the banner dropped I got a great jump and just kept my Purvines Yamaha wide open for as long as I could! I switched my line up a little bit halfway down but knew I had a good start going. Joe Wasson had a little better line then I did and ended up beating me to the first hill. I made it up and over the bomb in 2nd overall. A really good start to the beginning of the day that would help me achieve my goal of winning. I set out to make the pass for the lead. It took me a few miles to finally get alongside Joe but I eventually did and made the pass. From there I set out to sprint and try to get a gap on the field. I was doing just that and felt really comfortable on the bike. I don’t think I made one mistake on the first loop and brought it into the pits with a good gap on 2nd place. I set out on loop two and tried to repeat my performance. We got up into the rocky terrain and I felt great and still had a good size lead until I clipped a rock wrong and hit the ground. I tried to quickly get up and get going but it had knocked me down pretty good and it was hard to find my pace again. About that time we were probably halfway through the loop and I was passed by Taylor Roberts. Bummed to lose the lead I set out to stick with him. Well another crash put me on the ground and shuffled me back to 4th place. Not where I wanted to be at all and right after that we went down the most technical hill of the course. Which usually I feel great and fast down I was pushing a little too hard and not taking my time I clipped a big rock and went head first over the bars. Well with how steep the hill was I tumbled quite a while and the bike followed me and landed directly on my back. Thankfully a good buddy was spectating down the hill and helped get the bike off my back which had me pinned to the ground. I realized my brake pedal was bent into and under my clutch cover. I had to get some tools out and bend it out enough to limp the bike back to pits. It wasn’t that much farther and we started heading back to the finish. I brought the bike home for a 4th overall. Not the result I was looking for at all but a decent start to the year. I am really bummed I made those mistakes while I was on my way to winning the first national of the year but that’s racing. I tried to go for the win and that happens when you are going the speeds that we go. I will work on some things and be better for the next round in 4 weeks. Thanks to my wife for everything she does to help me achieve my goals and sacrificing so much for racing and her parents for coming out to support me. My parents for always being there and also a happy birthday to my mom!! Thank you for spending your birthday in the desert!!

All of my sponsors thank you!! Ron Purvines and Collin Woolsey I wouldn’t be out there competing without all of the hard work and support you put into our program.

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