Honey Lake Hare Scrambles

This Weekends racing adventure began a little early for my wife and I. We headed up to Fresno, CA with my dad early in the week so that we could help my family get ready for my Grandads funeral and spend some time with everyone. With my wife just starting to get over being sick naturally it was my turn to get sick before she finished so that she has to take care of both of us. I am a horrible sick person and I will admit that. Not much can make me grumpy but being sick is one of those things. I absolutely hate it. I feel like I will never feel good again and I am about as dramatic as possible when I’m going through it. Luckily for me my wife is the complete opposite. You never really know how sick she is because she just keeps going and doesn’t say a word about it. Bad for her because she never gets the chance to really start feeling better before she has to start taking care of me! This went on for a few days while being in Fresno and I tried to push through it and take a lot of medicine to get me ready for the weekend. It also wasn’t easy as it was a really emotional week and we had a lot going on. The funeral was held Friday morning at my family’s local church Clovis Hills. Before the service we gathered as a family around my Grandads back yard and shared some scripture and memories we had with him. As we all tried none of us could come close to telling stories like he did. He had a story and a joke for every situation and circumstance you were dealing with. Everything he said always made sense and he definitely had a way with words that cannot be copied. After celebrating his life as a family we moved on to the church to celebrate again with family and friends. Everyone who spoke did a really good job and it was awesome to see and hear some stories about him from people I didn’t personally know. He touched many lives and I am sure his legacy is going to live on forever.

Friday afternoon my Wife, Dad and I headed out and made the drive to Honey Lake. It was about a 6 hour drive and we would be arriving pretty late. We wanted to get there and get set up so we could rest on Saturday and check out the course. On Saturday I checked out the course and walked some sections. It looked like it was going to be extremely rough and a really short course. I felt like I was ready but knew my body would be pretty weak as I still didn’t feel anywhere close to 100%. When the flag finally dropped late Sunday afternoon I got a great jump and was coming into the second turn in 2nd. I dove up the inside and made the pass for the lead. From here I really didn’t know where I was going and the course soon started making its way all over the place on the hillsides. We turned down a long creek bed early and I was being really cautious as I didn’t want to throw my race away early. I got passed twice down the creek bed and was ok with it because I didn’t want to go out to hard and not have enough energy for the end of the race. I never really got comfortable with the course. I tried to pick up the pace to reel in the leaders a few laps in and just ended up making more mistakes. From there I picked a pace I could maintain and hoped it was fast enough to bring me home a podium. I didn’t realize how much being sick would take it out of me but I was exhausted and we weren’t even halfway thru. I knew I needed to suck it up and keep pushing as the championship points don’t care if I am sick or not. I kept pushing and just clicking off the laps. With such a short course we did so many laps. I believe this was the shortest course we have ever had for a Hare Scrambles. Finally it was time to pit and I knew we were about halfway or just under. I came in and got a quick splash of gas and some fresh Viral Goggles and encouraging words from my wife! I felt good leaving the pits and just got back into a rhythm. I felt I could hold this pace to the end. It was awesome coming down the start stretch every lap getting pit board messages from my wife. It kept me going the whole race and I looked forward to seeing her messages every lap. Finally the white flag flew and I brought it in for a 3rd overall and solid championship points.

The race was hard for me on so many levels. It had been a really emotional week leading up to the race, being sick and knowing you’re not at your best is always hard too. I am thankful that I have such a great team and support system around me to make it easier in times like this. I am glad this round is over as it was probably my least favorite course I have ever raced. The next round of this series will be in Pioche, NV. I have raced there a few times so I am looking forward to that round! This coming weekend is another National Hare and Hound in Lucerne Valley.

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