Rovers District 37 Race

This past weekend was the Rovers D-37 “Boner Run”. It was an off weekend from the National series but as always I try and find something to race, especially when it is only a 10 minute drive from the house. On Saturday we headed to LA with my family to celebrate my oldest sister Alisha’s 40th birthday. We got there pretty early and spend some time with family before we headed to Fogo De Chao for lunch! This place is one of my wife’s and I favorite places to eat. The food is always great and it’s a good atmosphere too. After lunch we headed back home and prepared for the race.

Sunday morning we got to sleep in a little bit because the race didn’t start until 11am. We still got out there pretty early and got our pit set up. I went for a quick ride and then waited for the start. The race was going to be two 40 mile loops with a couple different sections thrown into loop 2. It was really dusty so I knew the start would be important. There wasn’t very many lines off of the start and since it was a start by class there were only about 5-7 people on our row. I lined up where I thought I wanted to start but after looking around more I saw a trail off to the right that looked really defined and I knew was probably really smooth. The problem was it was off to the right and I had two of my main competitors on that side of me. I decided that when the banner dropped if I didn’t get a big jump on them that I would check up and head that way. That’s exactly what happened and the line was perfect. Once we hit the main trail I had the lead and I tried to put a sprint in right away to get a gap. The first 10 miles of the course were through the rocks and tight trails. There were a lot of rocks and tight trails and the course was a lot of fun. After about 5 miles I checked behind me and couldn’t see anyone close so I backed it down a little bit and had fun with the course. The next 20 miles were pretty fast and choppy. I always enjoy racing out here because it’s my hometown and I am really familiar with the terrain. I kept up the pace throughout the whole loop and came into the pits with a good lead. My wife gave me a fresh set of goggles as my dad fueled the bike. She cheered me on and sent me out on the final loop. This is when it got interesting. I guess they had some delays at the start and were still letting rows off as I came through the pits. This immediately put me into lappers. Something we usually don’t deal with in the desert. I tried to be patient and not get ahead of myself to put myself or anyone else in danger while getting through lapped traffic. The course at this point was getting really beat up and dusty. I made my way through the loop and all the lapped traffic pretty uneventful and brought home the win.

It is always fun racing in my hometown because it brings out a lot of racers from town as well. Ridgecrest had riders go 1st and 2nd in the event with Jordan Gamboa coming in 2nd overall. It has to be one of the first times Ridgecrest riders have accomplished that. Now this weekend we head back to the Hare Scrambles series in Lake Shasta, CA. It looks like it’s going to be a muddy weekend but I think with all the practice I have had racing in the mud lately I will be a lot more prepared than usual. I want to thank my wife for traveling this crazy busy life by my side. She supports me 110% in all of this and makes a lot of sacrifices to make sure I am successful at chasing my dreams!

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