Gorman Hare Scrambles

This past weekend was Round #3 of the Western Hare Scrambles series. It was put on by the district 37 club Prospectors MC and held at the motocross park at Gorman, CA. The club always does an awesome job putting on events and has everything dialed and ready to go. I really look forward to any race in Gorman because it’s the only time you can really go as fast as you want on the trails. Any other time it’s an open park and you have to be careful of two way traffic and can’t really let it all hang out. I also spent a lot of time in the OHV Park on the other side of the mountain range working for Kawasaki R&D so I am pretty familiar with the terrain. It also helps that I have been racing off-road for over 10 years now and there are always 1 to 2 races here a year. The weekend was going to be our 2nd weekend using our new Travel trailer and my Parents as well as my Aunt Wanda would also join in on the camping fun for the weekend. It has made it so nice the past couple weekends to be able to bring the dogs and just relax at the races and not be in such a rush to head home or to be missing our dogs. We got there Friday afternoon and got all set up and relaxed for the evening. Saturday morning Axel and myself went for a ride to break in our new wheels and brand new Purvines racing YZ450FX Hare Scrambles race bikes. The bikes built by Collin Woolsey almost looked too good to ride but it was time to get them dirty and make sure they were race ready for Sunday. After the ride we changed some tires and did a final prep on the bikes and they were ready for Sunday. After that my wife and I headed to Rancho for her friend Hillary and Daniel’s baby shower. What most people don’t understand is that a life of a racer means missing pretty much every big event in everyone’s life close to you unless you get married on a Wednesday like we did. Luckily for us the drive to her baby shower wasn’t too far and we got to go spend a few hours celebrating with them.

Sunday morning was here and another nice thing about camping at the race was getting to sleep in. Our race didn’t start until 11 am so we didn’t have to rush anything. My wife and I woke up and had some breakfast then went and walked the motocross course. They had changed it quite a bit since last time I was there so I needed to go check everything out. The course looked great and I got geared up for the start of the race. I knew the start was going to be key because of how dusty the course would be. After my previous two starts the weekend before I was a little nervous but I finally nailed the start this time. My bike fired instantly and put so much power to the ground I got to the first turn the quickest. I quickly tried to sprint in the moto section to get a gap so that I could keep the lead until we hit the trails. I did just that and as soon as we hit the trails I just rode my own pace and settled in. I knew it was going to get really rough like it always does so I didn’t want to go out too hard. When I came through the first lap my wife gave me the pit board that I had a 40 second lead. From that point on I just tried to hit my marks and ride as smooth as possible on the slippery blue groove course. After lap 3 I came in for fuel and a fresh pair of Viral goggles. My pit stop was extremely quick and I was back out on the course for another 3 laps. I started to catch lap traffic at this point so I knew I just needed to be careful and take my time getting around them and put in good sections when I could. Another 3 laps flew by and I got the white flag! Another quick stop for fuel just to make sure and I was off on my last lap. I tried to enjoy the last lap and have fun with the course and bring it home to the finish. I did just that and finished with just over a 4minute lead!

It was a great feeling to finally get a win this year. I have felt that my riding has been really well but it wasn’t coming together at the races for me. I have either gotten bad starts or just had some problems in the mud. The win really helped me climb back up in the championship standings as I now sit 3rd and 8 points out of the lead. I can’t thank my wife enough for all the support she gives me and the sacrifices she makes to give me the best chance possible to get the results. My parents for always being there to support us in whatever we need, Ron Purvines for the putting together the best team out there! Also Collin Woolsey for the countless hours he puts into our bikes to make them perfect!! My next race will be in Idaho this weekend for the National Hare and Hound and I’m looking to keep on the top step of the podium!

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