HBMC Dual Euro

Another weekend came and went and we were at another race this past weekend. This time it was a Dual European scrambles District 37 event put on by HBMC. I raced at noon both days. With the recent purchase of a new travel trailer it was time to break it in. We got out there pretty early on Friday to get set up and relax. Joining us for the weekend would be my parents in their trailer and our friends Jamie and Cheri in their motorhome. The next day is when some more family would show up and my sister, brother in law and nephew Aiden from Las Vegas would come out and enjoy the fun. On Friday afternoon I went for a few quick rides to check out some terrain. The recent rains have creates some crazy grass growth in the desert. For looks this is nice but for racing motorcycles it makes it difficult to see the dangers!

Saturday came and I headed to the starting line around 11 to get set up for our noon race. When the banner dropped my bike didn’t fire. I am not sure what happened but I went left to get out of the dust and pinned it up the start straight. I found myself in 3rd once we all funneled into the main trail. Jake was right in front of my and Brabec was up ahead of him. The dust was really bad and I did what I could. Finally mid-way through lap 3 I made the pass on Jake when he slowed a little bit. I set out to try and reel in the leader but he was too far gone. I rode it in for 2nd overall which turned into first overall because Brabec decided he wanted to ride the Vet race the same day which was right before our race. Well he isn’t eligible for that class and HBMC decided to DQ him for the weekend. It turned out good for me and was not very smart on his part. It just looks pretty bad all around. I was pretty happy with how I rode on such a beat up and rough course. I made some suspension adjustments and just prepped my bike for Sunday.

When Sunday came I was ready for the race and had a good line on the start. Well once again I messed up the start and was last off the line. I guess it’s time to put in some more work practicing starts. I made way into 3rd before the course funneled down into some single track and made the pass for 2nd not too far after. Jake already had a big gap on me and I tried to push and reel him in. I would make it pretty close up to him before I would get completely dusted out and have to slow down. The course was a lot more fun this time but the dust was even worse. That’s what happens when it’s the 6th race on a course. I did what I could to stay close in the dust but knew it would take a mistake on his part for me to get in the lead. That never happened and I had to settle for 2nd.

All in all it was a great weekend. I got to spend the weekend camping with my wife and enjoying our new trailer and hanging out with family and friends. I also got to be the hare for the kid’s races Saturday afternoon and that is always a good time. We have some plans to do some bigger things at the next desert event with the kid’s race as well! This coming weekend is the Gorman Hare Scrambles and I’m really looking forward to getting back there and putting in a solid finish!

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