ISDE Gorman Qualifier

This weekend was the two day ISDE qualifier put on by VCMC and held in Gorman California. I always try and go to a race when it is in Gorman. I have spent a lot of time up there in the past with work and how many years I have been racing off-road now. For some reason I used to always struggle in Gorman. It was really bad for a few years. Gorman is the kind of place that takes some time to get comfortable with the terrain and usually the blue groove dirt. Well this weekend the traction was perfect!! With the storms that have hit southern CA lately I was thinking that we might

have a mud race on our hands. However the sun came out the week before and made the dirt absolutely perfect! There were a few puddles but not very many and everything else was the best it’s ever been.

With a two day qualifier format and not very many tests each day a mistake would be very costly. I knew that going in so in my first test on Saturday I didn’t push and ride the way I should have. I rode a little too conservative and struggled to find my groove. The sun was also brutal and knowing you could lose it in the first test made me ride a fast decent pace. I knew I probably lost some time but figured I could make it up later. The 2nd test was a lot faster and longer which suited my style a lot better. I felt better on this test and that carried throughout the rest of the day. I ended up winning the day by 42 seconds. I was happy with that and knew I just needed to do the same thing on day 2 to take the overall.

Day 2 was pretty much the same for me. I struggled a bit the first two tests but got going after that. We had an hour delay for some downed riders and it made everyone in the pits a bit nervous. Hopefully everyone that was down is ok and will make a quick recovery. The delay wasn’t too bad and the club handled it really well. We set out on loop 2 and now I knew the tests even more and what times I wanted to put down. I ended up taking the 2nd day overall as well by around the same margin. I think 44 seconds.

The event in a whole was really a lot of fun. We were done by 12 both days and I got to spend a weekend away at the races with my beautiful wife! We always love making a weekend getaway out of a race and this was the perfect weekend for it!! The format of this race made for a more relaxed atmosphere and everyone is talking and hanging out before you head out on the loops. It is always a little nerve racking not knowing how you did right away. With a normal race you go faster if you are not in 1st but with this type of format you have to ride as fast as you can without mistakes from start to finish. For now I have a weekend off coming up and will take that to rest and get some more seat time in before we head out to New Mexico for the next round of the NHHA event.

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