Western Hare Scrambles Round #2

Round 2 of the west coast AMA Hare scrambles was held near Coalinga, ca. The race consists of tight technical trails and a lot of trees. Not my forte to say the least bit I've been working hard on getting better in the tight races. I knew the start was going to be key as it was pretty dusty this year. My weapon of choice for the race this year would be a beta 300rr 2-stroke. I haven't rode or raced this bike since ISDE 2 years ago. I knew it would be my best bet for a great start and being consistent all day. When the flag dropped I was 2nd behind Ian Blythe. I was really happy to be in the position that I was but wanted in the front. I rode right behind him struggling with the dust most of the first lap. Finally I had an opening down a rocky downhill. I got on the gas hard and made the pass. From here I would lead all the way until the end of lap 3 where I needed to stop for goggles. I got goggles and gas and took off. He just beat me outta the pits and now I was in his dust. I struggled in his dust and lost some time. I was expecting to get the white flag and put one more last lap charge in and try and get the lead back but there wasn't a white flag. Just the checkers. I was really happy with my finish as its my best finish on the year and I finally got on the podium in a tree race. What I am not happy about is after the race I learned that Blythe pitted before the main pits. What this means is that he didn't have to come into the normal pit lane and go slow. I am not sure why he chose to pit in a completely different place then the rest of the competition. It makes a huge difference because now I'll never now if the time he made up by not coming into the normal puts cost me the win or not. The club chose to not do anything about this so now we have an appeal going to AMA. The main concern here is safety. You can't have someone stopping on course getting fuel and putting everyone else in danger. By the club allowing this to happen is a blatant disregard to everyone's safety. I hope it gets worked out but in the end I am still really happy with the way I rode.

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