Muddy Adventure at Round 1

This weekend was the first round of the national west coast hare scrambles series. It was held at the Prairie City OHV riding area. Home of the Hangtown motocross track. However once we arrived we found out we wouldn't be using the track as part of our course. We got there early to get a good parking spot and check out the venue. The track looked fun but it was going to be muddy. Mud and I don't usually get along to well but I was trying to stay positive and use my previous experience to help me through the situation. When race time came I was ready. I had plenty of X-brand goggles prepped and lots of Klim gloves. When the flag waved I got a good jump but the first turn turned into bumper cars. I bounced off of a few riders and made my way around. I think I was near 6th or 7th and then I went down in the 4th corner. I picked myself up and set out to catch back up to the leaders. My first lap went great and I passed quite a few riders. I needed some fresh goggles after lap 1 so I stopped and grabb

ed a pair from my Wife and a quick splash of gas. On lap two I made some more passes but about halfway around I hit the ground again. I got up and passed the same two people I had just gotten around. From here on out it would be more of the same for me. I would pass some guys and then hit the ground and go backwards. Just after halfway my clutch started to fade so I tried to back down my pace to save the bike as I know it's a long series and decent points are better then no points. On the last lap my clutch went out completely and I really struggled to get around the rutty muddy facility. I managed to bring the bike and myself to the finish line safely and believe I ended up around 10th overall. Not where I want or should be but my speed was good in the beginning and I just need to stay off the ground!! Thanks to Ron Purvines and Collin Woolsey for all the hard work with the team!!

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