Parker 250

Starting a new year is always fun and exciting! Although for me and the past 7 years it hasn’t always started so great. The Parker 250 is usually always my first race of the year. I like the course and the venue but up until this year I haven’t finished the Parker 250 without problems. I was hoping that we would be able to turn our luck around this year. We had decided that I would start and do the first complete lap and Axel Pearson my teammate would do the 2nd lap. Then I would get back on and bring it to the finish. The start was bright and early 7:30amArizona time. It is always super cold and the sun is the biggest factor. The weather wasn’t too bad this year but the sun was. We were the 2nd bike off the line this year. I knew I needed a solid start and to keep the pace up. As we took off I set my sights to catch the first bike off the line. Around mile 5 I started to see the rider ahead of me and made the pass quickly after. Being in the lead was good but it’s always hard to lead a timed event. I had no idea how close the teams behind me were but I just kept pushing and tried to ride a solid lap. The course was super fun this year with all the rain that has been in the area. Our Purvines racing Beta was running flawlessly and working great. I brought the bike in to the main pit where axel took over and we had around a 3-minute gap on 2nd place. Axel rode great and brought the bike back to me with no issues. We had planned on doing a tire change after axel got off the bike but as we started to put the bike on the stand we noticed our Kenda Washougal tire was still holding up better then we could of excepted. We got gas and I took off. I knew we had a pretty good gap as you can see a lot of the course from where we were pitted. Axel put another 3 minutes on 2nd place and now all the hard work was done. My last lap I just had fun with the course and enjoyed the race! I didn’t want to count my chickens before they hatched but I was hopeful!! Finally when I came down the last straight away before the checkered flag I could finally let out a sigh of relief. I had finally conquered the Parker 250! With my Teammate Axel Pearson we dominated the first round of the BITD series and are looking for to doing more of that this year!!

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