Idaho National H&H Report

Round 3 of the NHHA series was held in Murphy, Idaho. The terrain up here is pretty unique to the series and not many other races like it. Also this year again was going to be super dusty so the start would be key. The start was in a big open field and there really wasn't any trails. I never like these starts but it's the same for everyone. I lined up early that morning and then when the banner dropped my bike fired but my reaction time was a little slow. I was a few bikes back from the lead and then we all funneled down to the one trail the bomb had. I was probably around 10th and the. In the first section I made some good passes really quick and was in 2nd. From there I set out to catch the leader Ivan. I got close a couple times but the dust was really bad. We hit the first check and I took off to try and catch him. Just about then my bike just revved out and didn't move. I thought the transmission broke but when I looked down my chain was dragging. I was in disbelief as this has only happens once before in my career about 7 years ago. I laid the bike down immediately and took off running back towards check 1 as it wasn't too far away. I got about halfway there when Bryan Denny stopped and asked what I needed. He said he had a master link some hoped on his bike and he took me back. He gave me his master link and a pair of pliers. I owe a huge thanks to him for taking time out of his race to help me. I did everything I could to fix my chain but it was broken too bad. I was done for the day for my first DNF at a NHHA event in 4 years. I am extremely bummed to say the least. It's not the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last but it really sucks. I have been riding better then ever and my bike is really good this year. From here we put our heads down and strive for the best the rest of the season!!

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