Gorman Hare Scrambles Report

Round 3 of the AMA west coast Hare scrambles series was held at the Gorman motocross track and OHV park. It was put on by a district 37 club the Prospectors. I was really looking forward to this race because I feel really comfortable in Gorman. I feel like my riding has been really good this year but the results haven't been showing that. I have been working harder this year then ever. I knew I just needed to keep putting in the work and the results will come. This weekend was a true testament to that. My beta 430rr fired off the start and got me out front with the holeshot over the 20 other pros on the line. I knew the start was key and to hit the off-road out front would be a great start to the day. I pinned it thru the moto track. The same track that cost me big last year when I broke my hand over the summer. I finally was getting my redemption on this place. I hit the Offroad first and right when we did I blew a corner. Luckily I had a little bit of a gap and I flipped around and made it back to the trail just ahead of Corey Graffunder. I knew I need to try and sprint away and the dust would be to my advantage. I came thru the first lap and felt I had a comfortable lead. Not really knowing I just kept hammering out the laps and looking at the pit board from my dad and fiancé. It was nice to be able to read that my lead kept growing. By the time I needed to stop for gas we were about halfway thru the race and I had a 2 minute lead. From there I just put in smooth and consistent laps and kept extending my lead. I pulled into the pits before taking off on the last lap to get a splash of gas to just make sure. My fiancé told me I had a 4 minute lead at this point so I headed out on my last lap. I just rode and tried to not make any mistakes and brought home my first national win of the season. I was really happy with my speed and fitness at the race and I'm looking forward to Idaho H&H next weekend!!!


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