Laughlin and Checkers Race Report

This weekend was a double header for us. Saturday was the BITD in Laughlin and Sunday the national hare and hound in Barstow. Ca. Laughlin was different this year. It was more of a GP and really fast. I knew the start and first few miles would be crucial cause at some point there would be a wall of dust. I did everything I could to try and get to the dust first. Well it didn't happen. Robby Bell just edged me out and eventually the dust was to bad to see. I had to slow down and hope for a mistake on his part. From there we rode in 2nd all day. The Bike ran flawless and we finished 2nd overall. Now it was on to the National. Sunday morning I rode the start and found a good line. When the banner dropped my new Beta 480 fired off the line. I had a great jump and at the end of the bomb I was 4th. I made a quick pass on Udall. That put me in 3rd. From there it was super dusty but I pushed and got on the rear wheel of skyler. I hung it out and jumped past him thru some rollers. By this time the leader had a decent gap but I just tried to charge up to him. I was getting closer to him when the Course had a split. I saw the signs and turned right. I looked left and Ivan had gone the wrong way. This put me in the lead. I led for a few miles until he got me back. It was super rocky and hard to lead so I wasn't to worried about being in the lead at this point. From there I hung right with him until I made a little mistake and tipped over. Then I lost sight of him and Brabec had caught up to me. We went back and forth a few times and right before the pit I clipped a rock and went down fast. It took a lot out of me but I was pushing on. I got a great pit and had my dad rip my broken visor off. I set out to reel the leaders back in but my wrist started locking up. It was hard to ride and I was struggling. That's when my teammate caught me. Axel was riding great but I wasn't about to let my podium slip away. I put my head down and forgot about what was hurting and charged on. I pulled back away and was riding all by myself when I crashed again. I lost the front end coming down a steep hill. This sent me cartwheeling downhill. I busted my chin straight off the ground and jammed my other wrist. This resulted in stitches in my chin and s broken tooth. Needless to say I didn't get up very fast from this one. I lost two positions and limped in to the finish 5th overall. All in all not a horrible result but not where I should be. I need to clean up my riding and stop making these little mistakes. Thanks to all the sponsors who make this possible.


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