Riding Schools

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Individual Lessons
$50per hour


Individual lessons will be a minimum 3 hours.  We will go over a typical race day, cover all the terrain you would likely see in a desert race, and work on areas you and I believe you need the most improvement.  6 hour class recommended to acheive your goals.  

Multi day Clinics & Lessons 
For rates and more info get in touch >>

Multi day clinics are offered.  Contact me to talk about what you would like to achieve and what your goals are.  We can make arrangments depending on what works best to acheive those

Groups 3 or more
$25per hour-per rider


Group lessons will be a minimum 3 hours and cover the basics of desert racing and riding techniques.  Also covers areas the rider feels he needs the most help in.  6 hour class recommended to get most out of the day.  

Location to be determined based on what terrain you would like to work on and the easiset access for both parties involved.  

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